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January 12th, 2006

09:10 pm: New Year's resolution: update this more...not really I'm sure it's not going to work out too well but I'll try. I've started riding Misty a lot more lately. I've switched back over to English, which I think will be good. We're doing pretty well. Liz and I took Danny and Annie to Bryan Park today. It was tons of fun. I can't wait till spring so we can take them to Brown County.
It feels like there's so much to say since I haven't updated in forever (besides stupid quizzes and the year in review) Pep game tomorrow...should be great-it's a boy's game. Then I'm babysitting Saturday night! I haven't babysat forever and these kids are sooooo cute. They moved here not terribly long ago and they have a house identical to mine. I'm excited to get some money for a chance. I'm getting really frustrated with Chick-Fil-A because they're not giving me any hours. In the past four weeks, I've worked 3 days. That's pathetic. I'm thinking of seeing if I can get a job at the stable to lift up on the board for Misty. I'm supposed to give my parents $100 every month for Misty, and with no hours, that's $100 a month that I don't have. I wouldn't quit Chick-Fil-A, though. Okay, I'm curious about this insert a picture thing...let's see if it works...

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January 1st, 2006

08:39 pm: Highlights from 2005
Overall, it's been a good year...lots of changes from last year. Happy New Year everyone!

JANUARY- Overall, when I think back on it, January wasn't a very good time for me...I don't know exactly why, but I don't think back on it fondly. Nothing big happened...I started talking to/hanging out with Liz a bit, which is probably where our friendship started. Pep band was in full swing then, fun stuff.

FEBRUARY- Doesn't strike me as the best time either. When I think back on the beginning of the year, I don't have any good memories, just bad. As far as friends go: AmyD, Josh, AmyA, Jewelz, Steven, and starting to become friends with Liz.

MARCH- Drawing close to the East Coast Trip, so I was getting pretty pumped. Spring Break was in the middle of the month. I just stuck around and had a nice relaxing week. 4H started up so I was really excited about that. I started to become better friends with Liz, too.

April- At the beginning of the month, I got to miss school to go to the Hoosier Horse fair in Indy. It was really awesome, and I got a bunch of cool stuff for Misty. The same day, my mom and I met up with my aunt and 2 of my cousins and we went to a Girls of Grace conference, which was this big 2-day long Christian conference and concerts. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The biggest thing that happened in April was the East Coast trip. It was soooo much fun. I mainly hung out with Liz, Diane, and Cari. I hadn't really talked to Diane and Cari before then, but now they're a couple of my best friends.

May- Nothing really exciting happened in May...school was starting to wrap up. 4H was starting to pick up a little towards the end of the month with fair about two months away.

June- Graduation on the 11th. I played in the band for it, which was kinda fun. Nothing else exciting happened in June, except I got driver's ed over with.

July- I got my job at Chick-Fil-A at the beginning of the month, thanks to Rebekah. I didn't even get a real interview. The owner of the store just explained how the company works, told me Rebekah highly reccomends me, so asked when I could start. It was awesome. Fair was at the end of the month. The first two days-the only days I showed-were unbearably hot. It was well into the hundreds and absolutely miserable. I did do pretty well, though. It was my first time showing western and it went really well. I had to work in the Junior Leader stand a lot to pay off the trip to Wisconsin in August.

August- At the begining of the month, I went on the Junior Leader completion trip to Wisconsin Dells with Kirsten. It was tons of fun. We went to an awesome theme park, went shopping downtown, and took a dinner boat tour of the Dells. On the way home, we stopped at a huge mall near Chicago, which was awesome. We got home about midnight, and at 4am the next morning, I left for the airport to go to LA for 5 days. It was soo much fun to spend time with just my sister and I. The first day I was there, we went to breakfast on the water, then to the Geddy Museum, which is this gorgeous art museum on top of a mountain overlooking downtown LA. It's known for it's beautiful gardens, which were amazing. After that, Amber, Trevor, and some of their friends took me to a sushi restaraunt to try sushi, which wasn't bad at all. The next day, Amber, Trevor, and their friends Matt and Michele took me to Universal Studios. We took the studios tour where we saw all kinds of famous movie sets like Desperate Housewives, War of the Worlds, Jaws, and even Pirates of the Caribbean 2. After that, Trevor took Amber, Matt, and I to a 'real' Chinese restaraunt. It was in this neighborhood that was all Asians. He even ordered in Chinese. It was really good and tasted nothing like Chinese food here. The next day, Matt, Amber, and I went shopping in the O.C. and then went to see "The Island", which was awesome. The rest of the trip, I just hung out at the beach with Amber and stuff. It was sooo much fun. Also in August, I had my birthday, then band camp and school started.

September- Marching band pretty much took over my life in September. Practices 3 times a week and competitions every Saturday...It was a great season though. Got my license on the 29th...awesome. Too bad I didn't know how to drive my car yet, which is a stick shift.

October- Band came to a close, with the overnight Kings Island trip and an awesome performance at Salem. After the Salem performance, Matt and I started going out. The next week, the French exchange students arrived, and I hosted a student for the rest of teh month. It was sooo much fun, but really sad to see her leave. Learned how to drive my car...pretty awesome. It wasn't too bad once I got the feel of it.

November- Nothing too exciting happened. I worked a lot, and pep band started up. Matt and I went to see the Music Man. It was really good. I went to my cousins' for Thanksgiving, which was really fun. I went shopping with my cousin's really early Friday morning, but I had to head home by noon because I had to work.

December- Worked a lot during the holiday season. Made some really good friends at Chick-Fil-A. Bryan had a great party for all the employees where we could just hang out and talk, which we don't get to do much since the only time we see each other is at work. Got some good gifts for Christmas: portable DVD player, stereo for my car, and....a brother-in-law to be! Trevor proposed on Christmas day and my parents and I were able to be there for it. My mom was running the video camera but she was crying so hard that it probably didn't turn out too well. Cari had a birthday party on the 30th. It was the first time I'd really hung out with her a lot since the east coast trip in April, and it was nice. Cari, Diane, Liz, and I all got married too! *don't ask* Then the next day, Cari had a New Years party, which was cool.

Well, that's my year...hope 2006 is just as great. Have a good one everybody.

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October 26th, 2005

08:05 pm: long survey thing
really long survey thingCollapse )

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September 29th, 2005

09:46 pm: yeah...subject?
So I'm starting to feel somewhat close to normal for the first time in two weeks. It's great. Have you ever been sick for so long that you've almost forgotten how it feels to feel normal? Well that's how I'm feeling now. It's a great feeling now that I'm getting better. Hopefully it'll stay away for the weekend.

Today after school I went to take my driving test. Was really nervous, but I passed! So I have my license now. Yay! I got to drive to the barn by myself this evening. I'm going to try to play my cards right and convince my parents to let me drive to school on Monday...idk how that'll go.

I just worked all day yesterday and today on a French project that's due Monday. I finished it, and I have 3 tests tomorrow, so hopefully that means no homework for the weekend! I'm so excited. My cousins' high school performs at LaSalle so I hope I get to see them.

Oh, if you pray, please pray for my sister's boyfriend Trevor and his family. They live north of LA where the huge wildfire is out of control over there. Him and his family were awoken last night to police banging on their door saying the fire was one mile from their house and they had to evacuate. They were given five minutes to get anything they wanted to save and leave. Trevor brought anything he could fit into his car to my sister's apartment, and he hasn't been allowed to return to his house yet. Last time I talked to Amber, she said the fire hadn't hit his house yet, but it had grown in size and Trevor and his family is in great danger of losing everything.

Well, that's all for today. Pep rally tomorrow-shorter classes! yay!

Au Revoir

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September 18th, 2005

10:16 pm: Just because these are fun...

(( YOU ))
1. Full Name_Ashley Danielle Larason
2. Nicknames_Ash
3. State_Indiana
4. Birthday_August 12
5. Age_16
6. Zodiac Sign_Leo
7. School_South
8. Hobbies_horsies! marching band
9. Sports_none
10. Height_5' 6 or 7"
11. Shoe Size_9
12. Righty or Lefty_Right

(( FAMILY ))
1. Parents Names_Sharon and Dan
2. Siblings_Amber
3. Do you get along with your parents_ my mom yes my dad no
4. Do you get along with your siblings_yes
5. Do you all live together_all but my sister

1. Day of the week_Saturday
2. Month_October or May
3. Season_Fall probably, maybe spring
4. Holiday_Christmas
5. Movies_ don't really have one but I saw Just Like Heaven today which was AWESOME
6. Actors_ Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom
7. Actresses_ Kirsten Dunst, Mandy Moore
9. Songs_ pretty much anything country
10. Ice Cream_ Butterfinger!

(( FRIENDS )) **Speaking in terms of friends from Bloomington**
1. Best Friends_Liz
2. Funniest_umm idk
3. Most Trustworthy_hmmmmm maybe AmyA
4. Most Loyal_idk
5. Most Honest_Diane probably
6. Gives you Advice_Liz
8. Loudest_AmyD maybe
9. Shyest_idk
10. Most Boycrazy_Liz
11. Most Trendy_psh none are really "trendy"
12. Lives closest to you_Amy and Julie
13. Lives farthest away from you_ Kirsten
14. Are you most like_probably Liz, we've rubbed off on each other
15. Most talented_depends on what type of talent
16. Best Singer_hmmmm idk
17. Best Dancer_idk
18. Most memories with_hmm probably Liz

1. Boyfriend/Girlfriend_none
2. Crush_yes
3. Qualities you look for_trustworthiness, funny, sweet, etc
4. First Kiss_Josh
5. First Relationship_Josh
6. Most Romantic Moment_idk
7. Personality or Looks_ Personality

1. Baseball or Football_neither, but if I had to choose, Football because football season means marching band season
2. Ben Stiller or Ben Affleck_ Affleck
3. Cat or Dog_dogs
4. Truck or Car_truck
5. Rain or Sun_ depends on my mood
6. Winter or Summer_ fall
7. Love or Lust_ love
8. Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast_Aladdin
9. Movies or Broadway_ Movies
10. CD or Tape_CD
11. DVD or VHS_DVD
12. Ham or Turkey_Turkey
13. Feet or Hands_weird question
14. Legs or Arms_ weird question
15. Dance or Singing_ singing
16. Cell or Housephone_Cell
18. Flying or Driving_flying, i love flying
19. Running or Jogging_ Jogging
20. Apple pie or Pumpkin pie_ apple, i don't like pumpkin
21. Christmas or Birthday_ Christmas
22. Pink or Blue_ Pink
23. White or Black_depends
24. Britney or Christina_ neither
25. iPod or MP3_ iPod

1. Your nationality? - German, French and lots of random Scandinavian countries
2. Shoes You Wore Today - black flip-flops
3. Your Fears - heights, spiders
4. Goal You would Like To Achieve - get into a really good college

1. What Did You Do Yesterday? - marching band competitions
2. What Did You Do Today? - church, movie with Liz
What Are You Going To Do Tomorrow? - school, then shopping for new sneakers and hopefully practicing parallel parking for my driving test on thursday

1. Pepsi or Coke - coke
2. McDonald`s or Burger King - mcdonals
3. Single or Group Dates - single
4. Adidas or Nike - Nike
5. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea - Lipton
6. Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate
7. Cappuccino or Coffee -Cappuccino
8. Gold or Silver - Silver
9. Cats or Dogs- Dogs (you already asked that)

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September 15th, 2005

09:30 pm: So I missed all but 2 minutes of band today. That was awesome because it was jazz band. yuck. And I got to have lunch at Panera. Then after school I went to the BMV and took my written driving test. Passed!! After that I met Alisa, Erica, and the Bauers at the dollar store for psyche budding shopping then went to Arby's with Alisa. Then I went to Chick-Fil-A to pick up my pay check. It came out 8 hours short. That's like 50$ that I'm missing! And my manager is out of town so I won't be able to fix it for awhile. Argh. Other than that nothing really exciting has happened lately. I had absolutely no homework last night so Matt came over and we just hung out. It was nice getting to talk just the two of us for once. Yeah...that's about it. Football game tomorrow night, then Charlestown and Paoli **MAGIC WATER** on Saturday. It should be a great weekend.

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September 11th, 2005

07:45 pm: First of all it's been 4 whole years since 9/11, wow. Doesn't seem like that long. Hard day to forget though.

Last Friday was our first football game that we actually marched at. It wasn't bad for our first performance. And we totally beat North. I think the final score was like 28-10 or something like that. Pretty fun night.

Yesterday was our first competition weekend. Columbus North and Franklin Central. We totally got first place at Columbus!!! (of course, we were the only band in our class...lol) After we performed at Columbus, my mom picked me up and I went to lunch with a friend who's here from Norway (she was our exchange student like 6 years ago and she just came back and did a big road trip with her sister across the country and just got back) It was pretty cool seeing her. Then my mom dropped me off at the mall and we went over to the park. I pretty much explored and walked around the whole time. Kirsten and I [attempted to] play football. Didn't work out too well though, but whatever. Then we went off to Franklin Central, and did our show in a stadium that looks like a palace. They also had some ridiculous brick wall at the bottom of the stands so when we charged the stands we had to do like a Miles Davis thing to be able to play to the audience. It was a great show though, despite a few drill issues in the opener. We'd never been there before, so we probably surprised the audience a bit. However, we made the judges dance, which was interesting. It was a really fun day. Can't wait till next Saturday - Paoli *magic water*

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August 21st, 2005

12:14 pm: Well, I'm finally updating. It's been like three months. Anyways, band camp's over. It wasn't that bad, it really wasn't too hot except for Friday. School starts on Wednesday. Yippee.....not really. I'm pretty happy about my schedule even though it may change, so I'll put it in here next week or something. School shouldn't be horrible-I'm going to miss all of last year's seniors though. I don't really know what else to write...

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May 28th, 2005

11:34 pm: I just got back from Diane's. I finally finished my scrapbook! We worked sooo hard the past two days!! I'm really pleased with how it turned out though. I have 21 pages! It was tons of fun. Tyler and Matt were at Diane's for a long time last night after the transmitter hunt (Diane, Nick, and I lost by the way) and that was fun. Diane and I spent a good 2 hours scanning like 40 some pictures. Then we did most of our actual scrapbooking today because most of yesterday was organizing and such. Liz came over today and we watched movies, which was also fun. Tomorrow, my parents are going to the Indy 500, so I'll be all alone all day!! So if anyone wants to do something, please let me know! Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

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May 26th, 2005

10:08 am: English class
So I'm in English right now....and I'm bored. Ha. Anyways, I'm so excited for the weekend. 4 days off. Score. Today should be really fun too. Right after school, Amy, Kirsten, and I are taking the bus (ahh stalker!) and getting off at Batchelor so we can see our teachers. Then we're walking home and Kirsten's coming home with me and we're going to go shopping for scrapbook stuff for the east coast trip. Then after my 4H meeting, Nick, Josh, and Liz are coming over so we can FINALLY finish Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, very fun stuff. Tomorrow, I'm going with Nick and Diane on some radio thing....idk, we're driving around for 4 hours. We should have fun though. Then I'm going to Diane's to make scrapbooks of the trip (hence why I'm going to get stuff today). Idk what I'm doing Sunday and Monday, so if anyone wants to do something, please let me know!

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